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My Books! Discussion of the four books now available and a brief review of the ...

Bitchute 12 Oct 2021
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Opinion: The push to ban my book in Indiana

Palladium Item 12 Oct 2021
Lafayette, Ind., author Julia Scheeres pens a commentary about how her book is a target of book banning across the state ... .

Seanchai Eddie Lenihan: “A lot of my books were written in the pub. I do them by longhand”

The Times/The Sunday Times 09 Oct 2021
I used to always do my work in the pub ... I went into the snug with my briefcase and got on with my correspondence ... .

Reorganizing my book collection

Norfolk Daily News 06 Oct 2021
When I left, I got to thinking about my large collection of books at home and the library I’ve been working to catalogue ... Believe me, I’d never allow my own books, or a store of them if I ever owned one, to become like what I’d encountered in that used bookstore ... My books about books are on a shelf of their own as are my books about writing.

Heroes in my book

Cadillac News 05 Oct 2021
A few minutes after I entered a store on the north end of Cadillac, I heard shouting that didn’t quit. I followed the noise to find a young man using a lot of profanity and shouting at a young lady, who I happen to have known for many years ... You are heroes in my book (and my friend’s, I’m sure) ... VanHouten ... .

Sophie Ellis-Bextor: 'To write my book, I had to be brave and honest'

The Daily Mail 26 Sep 2021
It’s been my goal to be unapologetic. Kind, considerate, but clear with my boundaries.’ And that’s exactly how she comes across ... Yet when I warn her that I have questions about the more difficult parts of her book, she assures me that she feels fine talking about any of it ... ‘It was intimidating and I felt way out of my league.’.

DeConnick, 'Don't Buy My Books', Is Reaping What She Has Sown

Bitchute 23 Sep 2021
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Now they want to ban my book

Tap News 20 Sep 2021
Since the publication of my book, “The Truth About COVID-19 ... It should come as no surprise that the book is rife with misinformation ... Since the publication of my latest book, “The Truth About COVID-19,” which became an instant best seller on, there’s been a significant increase in calls for censorship and ruthless attacks against me.

Sarah Gilmartin: ‘There’s a weight of expectation that my book will be well received’

The Irish Times 16 Sep 2021
I’ve reviewed God knows how many [books], Irish debuts particularly, over the course of the last seven years,” says Sarah Gilmartin ... “I feel like there’s a weight of expectation that my book will be well received,” she says. “And also, if it’s not, not only has my book not been well received, but – am I out of a day job as well?”.

Bill Radke Is Talking 30 Years of Savage Love with Me at My Book Launch ...

The Stranger 15 Sep 2021
of Savage Love and my new book, Savage Love from A to Z, a collaboration between me and former Stranger art director and long-time Savage Love illustrator Joe Newton.

Samsung's Qatari distributor offers special deals in partnership with My Book app

Telecom Paper 14 Sep 2021
... scheme in partnership with the marketing application "My Book".

Intro to My Book

Bitchute 14 Sep 2021
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Priyanka Chopra on reviews suggesting she 'didn't speak the truth' in Unfinished: 'You wanted gossip in my book'

Hindustan Times 13 Sep 2021
The actor released the book earlier this year ... It says Priyanka's Memoir, right, so my story ... I read a few reviews that said that 'oh it wasn't, she didn't speak the truth about things like that.' I was like, ‘oh so basically you wanted a gossip brag in my book ... “That's the thing, I'm really grateful that my book is a no.